Yangzhou Model Electronics Materials Co.,Ltd.

Chairman Introduction

  Zhang Jiaheng, National Youth Thousand Program Expert,  Professor of Materials Science and Engineering in Harbin University of Technology (Shenzhen), Ph.D. Tutor, Research Fellow of the National Key Laboratory of Advanced Welding and Connection, Harbin University of Technology, Special Professor, Gene Science Research Center, China Institute of Engineering Physics, University of Idaho, USA, Special Fellow of Foreigners  of Yokohama National University, Japan, Chief Expert Advisor of Guangdong Agricultural Science and Technology Exchange Service Center, Vice President of China Healthcare International Exchange Promotion Association.
  Over the years, Zhang engaged in the preparation and high purification of green electronic gas research.  He developed "the enrichment technology of ultra-micro-impurities in gas"  and  the "micro-unknown gas impurity structure analysis technology" and "gas low-temperature distillation purification technology". As a result , He completed the "green high purity temol gas preparation and purification" and the preparation and purification of green high-purity C4F6 gas. In recent years, Zhang has established a number of technology companies, where total annual output value are more than 300 million yuan.