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Yangzhou Model Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., possesses  "green high-purity electronic gas research and development and industrialization" of the independent core technology .the company's entrepreneurial Ph.D. team are from Harbin University of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School, China University of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Organic Institute, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, East China Normal University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other well-known universities in China, and study in the United States University of Idaho, the University of Pwaithie, the University of Florida, the United States Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, the Netherlands Delft University of Technology and other international universities. Our company developed trifluoroiodomethane as a new type of dry etching gas, with mild etching conditions, less etching damage, high etching accuracy, environmentally friendly characteristics. Green high-purity trifluoroiodomethane is used in electronic etching, anti-cancer drug preparation, precision instrument cleaning, industrial refrigeration, aerospace fire fighting, ultra-hydrophobic self-cleaning and other fields, the market is widely used. Yangzhou Model  Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of a new generation of high-purification technology, for high-purity special gas needs to provide customers with products, technology, equipment, etc.

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The company mainly ,,according to the electronics, medicine, precision instrument cleaning industry needs, focuses on the development of high-purity trifluoroiodomethane. Trifluoroiodomethane is a new international green electronic etching gas, electronic etching selectivity.Market demand is good, but the preparation process is more complex, difficult to be highpur purification . At present,the core technology are in the hands of a few large foreign enterprises, no domestic enterprises can produce the product. Zhang Jiaheng team used the enrichment detection and low-temperature distillation separation technology of gas ultra-microimpurits to achieve the high purification of trifluoroiodomethane, product quality to meet the requirements of electronic, pharmaceutical, precision instrument cleaning applications, the project to fill the gaps in the country.


Fluorographite, which is represented by a chemical structure (CFx)n, where X is an indeterminate value, the size is 0 X 1.25. The color of GFX-12 changes from gray-black to snow-white as the fluorine content increases. With the increase of fluorination, GFX-12 has also changed from a good conductor of electricity and heat to an insulator of electricity and heat. Its high chemical stability is not resistant to strong acid corrosion andits lubrication performance is much higher than MoS2 and scale graphite. Fluorographite belongs to the fluorine-containing inorganic polymer material .It is one of the raw materials for the production of lithium battery electrodes, high-end solid lubrication materials, high-end lubricants and grease sorein important additives  and the main components of the hydrophobic oil materials as well.


Perfluorooctane is an excellent green cleaning solvent.

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